by Rebecca J. Carlson

Nathan always wanted to be a rocket scientist.

Too bad rockets are banned by international law.

Forty years after a global nuclear war, thirteen-year-old Nathan and his family struggle for survival on their small farm in northern New Mexico. When Nathan discovers a fugitive scientist hiding in an abandoned missile silo, he hopes the scientist will help him fight the bio-weapon that is still plaguing Nathan's settlement. But the scientist is already battling a more serious threat.

The scientist claims that a dangerous asteroid, an earthcrosser, is on a collision course with earth. Only a nuclear missile can stop it, and the illegal launch must take place in secret. Nathan agrees to help, but before they can launch the missile, the scientist is arrested.

Trapped alone in the missile silo, Nathan is the only one who can avert a global disaster, but will launching the missile save his crippled civilization or plunge the world back into war?