Corridor in the Closet

Ten-year-old Steven Fisher knows his parents are hiding something in the closet.

He's seen his dad grab a sword and charge through the closet door. He's seen his mom disappear in there with cases of computer equipment. But all they've told him is that if anyone finds out about the closet, they'll have to move away. Not just away from Seattle. To another planet.

When Steven's parents finally take him on an outing in the closet, they don't tell him he's being tested by the Society of Peregrines, an organization sworn to protect the thousands of alternate realities on the corridor behind their closet door. Steven aces the test, but before he can begin training, Mom is arrested, accused of using the corridor for inter-reality smuggling. With Mom in prison and Dad searching for answers on the corridor, Steven is left at Peregrine headquarters, where his quest to prove his mother's innocence soon becomes a dangerous race to expose the real culprits before they hijack the corridor and destroy the Society of Peregrines.