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The Puzzle Page

Two Puzzles to Tear Your Hair Out Over

Yes, these puzzles are a joke, but they can be solved! Trust us!

In order to solve the galaxy puzzle, one of our readers actually cut up the page, overlaid one galaxy with another and held them up to the light to determine which galaxy was different. He got the Official Journal of Extraneous Scientific Topics "You Have Too Much Spare Time" Award.

This Crossword Puzzle prompted the following Letter to the Editor from one of our readers who was serving an LDS mission in the Midwest:

Dear Editor,

I always enjoy receiving my copy of JEST and reading the articles and expanding my horizons. In the January issue, however, I was very disturbed by the puzzle page. I was able to fill in all the blanks in the crossword puzzle except for one. Nothing would fit in the blanks left to complete seven down. But in order to make nothing fit, there would need to be an extra space between the second and third square. The only way to get the room necessary for an extra square was to get the crossword puzzle traveling close enough to the speed of light to create the required room and then to quickly draw a line to divide the elongated square into two normal squares.

Dividing the squares was the easy part. Getting my Schwinn to the speed of light was a little more difficult. In order to keep the rest of the squares at their correct places (and to stay within the mission boundaries), I had to execute a sharp turn. As I looked down at the crossword, I noticed that the turn caused the rest of the squares to warp and deform -- some of them even broke free and flew off the page. I glanced back up to see a Wal-Mart right in front of me. (That reminds me, If anyone in Kansas finds a bike pedal -- I'm still missing one.) All of my efforts to complete this crossword have been thwarted. Please send me or include in the next issue the answers to the puzzle page. Thank you!

Elder Chad Crawford

Last Update August 2007
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