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The Physics Alphabet

by Rebecca J. Carlson

The Physics Alphabet may be copied and used for noncommercial and educational purposes:

A is for Ampere, when currents you find,
B is for flux of the magnetic kind.
C is for light speed, you just can't go faster,
D is for distance, and, grade-wise, disaster!
E is electric field,
Frequency F.
G is for what makes things heavy to heft.
h is Plank's constant,
I's V over R,
J is for Joule, which things need to go far.
K is for Kelvin, it's cold or it's hot.
L is for length, like a string that's pulled taut.
M is for mass, it gives things inertia.
N is for Newton: small force that won't hurt ya.
O is for Oxygen, element eight.
P is for pressure, which all students hate.
Q is for charge, either neg or pos.
R is for radius, except in gas laws.
S is for seconds, a unit of time,
And also the vector that Poynts when lights shine.
T is for Tesla, its units are fun:
Newton(Amp Meters)to the negative one
U is a stand in to help integration
V is for Voltage, a shocking revelation!
W is Watts, and that's powerful stuff.
X,Y,Z, are the axes, and that is enough!

Last Update August 2007
Copyright 2007 by Rebecca J. Carlson