What I write
...and what I've written

Current Projects

  • Web Content and E-mail Marketing for Hoffman Academy of Music
  • Champion of the Seventh Age, MG fantasy
  • Artificial Flowers, YA historical fantasy
  • Earthcrosser, MG science fiction
  • Published Works

    Sold but Not Printed

    • Gifts of the Gospel, a religious historical anecdote bought by Friend magazine in Nov 2007.


    • The Journal of Extraneous Scientific Topics (JEST) A science humor magazine printed bi-monthly from June 1993 to November 1996. Back issues still available on request. Click here for sample articles, cartoons, and poems from JEST.
    • Memories of Jan Marie Peterson Barnhurst A life history, a compilation of collected memories from friends, neighbors, and relatives, and a record of the passing of Jan Barnhurst, my friend who died of cancer in September 2006.



    Last Update October 2013