As a child I adored reading and spent much time in the library, hunting for new book friends. My first literary love was Harold and the Purple Crayon. When I graduated to longer books I met some new favorites, including the Little House series, The Hobbit, A Wrinkle in Time, The Dark is Rising, The Chronicles of Narnia, and the Anne McCaffrey books.

I saw my own words printed and bound for the very first time when I won a school district story-writing contest in third grade. That marvelous feeling, that other people liked my story, that I was good at writing--I was hooked. I had to do it again.

In middle and high school I filled notebook after notebook with stories, poems, and drawings. I also consumed a novel nearly every day. After exhausting the school library's fiction section I turned to books about math and science and found a whole new world of wonder to explore. I dreamed of being a nuclear physicst by day and a writer by night.

I majored in physics at Brigham Young University, and worked in the summers as an undergraduate research assistant at Los Alamos National Laboratory. Even as a busy physics student, I never stopped writing. I created the Journal of Extraneous Scientific Topics, a science humor magazine that my friends and I photocopied and peddled around campus. The magazine itself only lasted a few years, but I married one of my editorial staff members and now we're raising five children together.

After graduating from college, instead of pursuing my physics career, I went home to hang out with my kids. We told stories and read books together, and all the while I wrote and wrote.

I sold my first short story in 2000, and finished my first novel-length manuscript in 2007. My latest work, Earthcrosser, is a post-apocalyptic novel for middle grade readers. I'm starting a new book, Corridor in the Closet, a middle grade contemporary fantasy.

These days you can find me in La'ie, Hawaii, where I teach the occasional college algebra class at BYU-Hawaii and write from a little hideout I call The Scribblers Cove.

So that's all about me! What's your story?